He Begins What Is Good

Posted on March 8, 2018

by John Paul Jackson

Faith understands the system of God. You have faith in God because you are starting to understand how things work. You’ve had a glimpse of how God operates, and you are beginning to recognize His heart and intentions. As a believer in Jesus, you always have two options: You will know what the world says—the visible realm—and you can follow its leading if you so desire. But you will also be able to perceive the invisible realm. Through the eyes of faith, you see what cannot be seen, yet it exists.

The invisible realm is eternal in nature, and because it is eternal, it is superior to the short-term physical world we live in. There will be times when we cannot understand the invisible realm simply because the inferior cannot fully comprehend that which is superior. The invisible realm helps teach us the ways and purposes of God—why He heals, why He delivers, what He is thinking about when He does signs and wonders, and miracles. When we look with faith, we see what cannot be seen.


One of the greatest displays of faith captured in Scripture can be found in Matthew 8. When a centurion came to Jesus and asked Him to heal his servant, Jesus replied, “Yes, I’ll go to your servant and heal him.”

But the centurion answered, “You don’t have to come. Just speak the word, and it will happen.”

Scripture says that Jesus “marveled” at the soldier’s reply. He was amazed, and He gave what is probably the most extravagant, positive response He ever gave in the Gospels.
He said, “Truly, I tell you, with no one in Israel have I found such faith.” He was essentially saying, “This man understands what’s going on here in both the visible and invisible worlds. He understands the reality of both.”

That centurion—a man Israel considered an enemy or, at the very least, a threat—had an understanding of God and His ways that surpassed even the understanding of God’s people. He had great faith.


Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). Our relationship with Him grows deeper as we spend time with Him and open ourselves to Him more and more. When we meditate on and pray the Word of the Lord, our understanding of Scripture begins to abound—and with that understanding, we increase in authority.

Like faith, authority is the result of relationship. Our authority in the invisible realm is only as deep as our relationship with God. Authority is different than power—it is more important than power. In the Greek, authority means an obvious supernatural force and the highest judicial control possible. At its heart, it is the ability to recognize right and wrong, to implement justice, to halt what is evil—and to begin what is good.

Just that one thought can stop you in your tracks. The authority of God begins what is good. Faith in God understands the “system” of God—that every good gift comes from His hand. He begins what is good! And He stops what is evil!

Similar to any human king, God uses His power to conquer His foe, but He rules through authority. The Kingdom of God is the authority of God to rule. So whenever we pray, “Your Kingdom come,” we are asking that His authority be on earth as it is in Heaven.

Faith instills within you greater authority because you are beginning to know God. The more you know Him, the greater your faith in Him. He is the One who begins what is good! Therefore, the possibilities are truly endless.