Sarah Hill

Lewisville, Texas
Teacher, Streams Ministries

Hi my name is Sarah and I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical & Theological Studies from The King’s University. Earning this degree gave me a huge passion for healthy and correct theology within prophetic ministry. I currently live in Flower Mound Texas with my fur baby kitty Remi.

I am obsessed with stories in any and every form which is why I am always writing books. You can catch me reading a new great story or hooked on a new show constantly. Writing and speaking are where I come most alive. I am called to start a nonprofit freedom ministry which focuses on identity, healing, and overall transformation.  My nonprofit will be focused on using that writing and speaking, in order help people walk in the fullness and freedom God has for them. I have a huge heart for helping people understand God’s heart for them and how to walk in truth.

I grew up serving in ministry, which provided me with a lot of experience in both behind the scenes ministry and speaking opportunities. It also exposed me to the depths of pain people go through starting at a young age. Not to mention the depths I journeyed through myself with chronic illness, spiritual abuse, verbal abuse, and many other valleys. Seeing what I did while I grew up, and walking people through that, gave me a huge heart for identity, prophetic, and healing ministry. I also had the incredible opportunity to intern with Streams Ministries for a year and I am now loving being a part of the YouTube show “Coffee with Friends.”