A Dream So You Can Pray

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

Maria recently had a dream that went backward.

In the first part of her dream, she and her baby were lying on the beach. A snake came out of the sand, bit the baby, and tried to drag him away, but Maria fought off the snake and saved her child.

“Where did the snake come from?” she wondered.

In answer, she had a vision (in the dream) of a man accidentally letting the snake go; he didn’t even realize it happened.

In the second scene, the baby wasn’t born yet. Maria was still pregnant when the snake appeared, this time waiting for the baby so it could strike.

We call this kind of dream a warning dream. Warning dreams aren’t fun to have, but when God shows us what the enemy wants to do, we can pray about it, which will keep it from happening. 

Babies usually represent something that God develops but the “parent” takes care of: a ministry, job, invention, business, etc. 

Snakes can represent lies, deception, or even demonic attack. This dream specifically lets Maria know the attack isn’t happening because of her, so that’s an encouraging factor. 

Another really good thing about this dream is that it’s going backward! If the scenes were reversed, it would likely mean the attack had already happened. But because the dream is backward, it means she’s seeing what could happen—but now it won’t, because she can pray about it.

With a warning dream, we see what the enemy wants to do, and we respond by taking the situation to God in prayer. Sometimes He shows us possibilities in our dreams so we know how to pray.

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