Creative House


An International + Kingdom-Focused Creative Community

Our Mission

We believe that God has planted a creative DNA in every single person (Genesis 1); and when we understand this and how to apply it, we tap into an incredibly powerful, unending source of wisdom and creativity for any calling.

The Bible resounds with proof of our creative DNA through the examples of Joseph, Daniel, David, Solomon, and many others. Despite all of this evidence, it seems we have entered a season where much understanding about this divinely-designed DNA has been lost or distorted.  It is our hope to be the catalyst that helps bring clarity back -- to reveal God's plan in order to help a world that desperately needs the supernatural, creative ideas and solutions that only Heaven can supply.

SCH is on a mission (or shall we say a CO-mission) with God to equip, activate, and empower people in their revelatory and creative gifting so that they will become the transformers of culture they were destined to be.

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