A Wife’s Warning

Posted on October 17, 2022

During Jesus’ trial, a woman had a dream and knew—without doubt—that He was innocent. She hurriedly sent a message to her husband and told him to leave Jesus alone.

Ancient Rome wasn’t afraid to kill people. They often did it just to make a point. As a ruler over Israel, Pilate’s role was to represent Rome and keep the locals subjugated, so they wouldn’t rebel. If killing an innocent man helped him do that—great. He likely saw it as part of his job.

But then his wife had a dream. The dream itself isn’t included in Scripture, but whatever she saw tormented her to the point that she interrupted her husband on the judgment seat. She called Jesus a “just Man,” and Pilate clearly believed her because he used the same description a short time later. 

This story continues a beautiful theme in Scripture: that God speaks to whomever He chooses, however He chooses. That’s one of the great things about dream interpretation—not only does it benefit us, but it’s also an incredible outreach tool. We can usher people into spiritual encounters where they start to recognize that God is speaking to them. 

We’ve seen so much fruit as we’ve stepped into secular arenas and interpreted dreams for people who didn’t realize how much God loves them.

All over the world, God is speaking in dreams, and when people find out it’s His voice, their recognition of His heart and nature begins to change. He is using dreams to draw the lost to Himself, and we get to be a part of this glorious adventure.

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