Answer Dreams

Posted on July 21, 2022

If you’re wondering about something, God might answer you in a dream. That’s what happened with Trinity.

In her dream, she’s packing food for a trip. She needs to leave at 6:00, and it’s currently 5:55. She forgets about her cereal as she packs, and it gets soggy. Wondering if she has time to make more, she looks at the clock—5:55—and realizes she has plenty of time. 

She uses chocolate milk this time because she really wants to, and the cereal tastes amazing. She finishes packing, gathers her things, and the clock reads 5:55 as she heads for the door.

After waking, Trinity checked the time and—interestingly—it was 5:55. 

Let’s look at a few of the elements here. 

Food often represents spiritual nourishment of some kind. She’s preparing for a trip (something she’s called to do) by packing food (spiritual nourishment).

But at the same time, God is giving her the spiritual food she needs today—in a way she really enjoys (the chocolate milk). This nourishment will delight her and not just be “good for her.”

Finally, the number five often represents grace (see Ephesians 4:7, 11). This dream reveals that Trinity is in a season of grace that doesn’t stop or run out. 

After hearing this interpretation, Trinity was deeply moved. She’s been wondering if she’s missed it. Has she made wrong choices that hindered what God has for her? 

But this dream let her know that she hasn’t missed it at all. In fact, there’s plenty of time.

If your heart is wondering about something, God might tell you the answer in a dream. He loves speaking comfort to His children.

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