DEGREE: Academy Phase 1: Module 1: Prophetic Operation: God and Man

Sheri Cadenhead

As we walk with God He doesn’t remove our humanity but purifies and then uses it. You will learn the correlation between the nature of Christ in us and our growth in spiritual gifting; How to discover and step into your full spiritual potential; and how the prophetic gift was designed to function which will increase your intimacy with Jesus, …

Academy Phase 2: Module 3: Inner Healing & Deliverance

Josh Motlong

What are demons and where did they come from? Can a Christian have a demon? Does your family’s history affect your life today? In this module, you will discover answers to these questions as well as how to recognize and remove strongholds. You will be equipped to minister inner healing and deliverance, discerning strategies that keep you and others in …

Academy Phase 2: Module 4: The Spiritual Life

Josh Motlong

What is true spirituality? Since people started walking with God there have been those that delved into the deeper spiritual life and found a path to peace, victory, and intimacy with God. In this module you will learn how to pattern your life accordingly and start walking that path (to peace, victory, and intimacy) more than ever before. You will …

Academy Phase 2: Module 2: Theological Foundations

Josh Motlong

Is theology really important? What about encounters with Christ? Does doctrine quench the Spirit? Join us as we explore these questions and more. You will develop a Biblical worldview, learn how to study the Bible and understand its major themes, and see how that interacts and supports a truly spiritual life with the God we love!

Academy Phase 2: Module 1: Growing in Kingdom Authority

Josh Motlong

The kingdom of God is the central theme that holds the story of the whole Bible together. In this module, you will learn what the kingdom really is, how to discover and increase your authority in it, and the keys to greater effectiveness in expanding God’s kingdom in your life and in the areas God calls you into!

Academy Phase 1: Module 6: Prophetic Lifestyle

Josh Motlong

Emotionally Healthy Prophetic … it is possible! You’ll learn practical skills that will increase your effectiveness in prophetic ministry, uncover historic cycles that hinder the prophetic, and track down ancient pathways to walk in communion with God consistently and powerfully. This module will bring specific, practical application of a prophetic lifestyle to outreach, the marketplace, and family life. Access module …

Academy Phase 1: Module 5: Interpreting Dreams & Visions

Josh Motlong

This module will bring to life (and light) the language of heaven, the principles of dream interpretation, and how they relate to supernatural experiences. You will learn the skill of dream interpretation that work with both, those who know God and those who are still discovering Him, and develop habits that will help you remember and respond to your own …

Academy Phase 1: Module 4: Types of Revelation & Dreams

Josh Motlong

God gives us many different types of spiritual encounters and often hides messages in the metaphor of those encounters.  Learn what it means to be a “seer” and how to see more in the Spirit; How different types of dreams and encounters guide us into heaven’s purposes; A deeper understanding of translations, transportations, angelic visitations and supernatural events that are …