Elijah House Prophetic School

Sheri Cadenhead

This course was originally recorded in 1998 as an Elijah House Prophetic School. The teachers involved and featured in these videos are John Sandford, who founded Elijah House Ministries, John Paul Jackson, who founded Streams Ministries, and Marc Dupont. 

Hear God Better

Josh Motlong

Streams Ministries exist to help the body of Christ, hear God better. We pray that you find yourself on this grand adventure as God draws you closer to His heart so you can walk into the destiny that He created you for because you have purpose. Hear God Better is designed for exactly that — to help you better recognize …

Hearing God’s Voice

Josh Motlong

This course is designed to help you hear the Lord and prepare you to recognize the many ways in which God speaks. The voice of the Lord can be the earth-shaking, but most of us will be more familiar with the whisper—the still, “small” voice of God.

The Art of Hearing God

Josh Motlong

Can everyone hear from God? If everyone can hear from God, why are there so few who actually do? The Art of Hearing God is an introductory yet profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions and practical tools to learn to hear the voice of the Lord clearly and consistently. You will gain a delineated awareness of hearing that …


Josh Motlong

No matter HOW you’re gifted, your creativity is the firepower that will help bring Heaven’s ideas and solutions to a hurting world! This course uncovers the creative DNA God planted inside you and how you can use your creativity as a glorious weapon to help other people.

Biblical Prophets: A Learning Guide

Josh Motlong

Increase your prophetic gift by studying the people God entrusted to write Scripture! Taking a deep look at the Bible’s 12 minor prophets, this course will broaden your perspective of the prophetic gift and better equip you to hear God’s voice. 

Discerning + Responding to Prophecies

Josh Motlong

In this helpful e-course, taught by John E. Thomas, you will learn how to discern prophetic words you have been given and how to respond to them!

How to Craft Prophetic Declarations

Josh Motlong

Is it possible to align your circumstances with God’s plan? Yes—in beautiful ways! Learn how prophetic words, biblical promises, and testimonies can come together in powerful declarations that shift situations and break spiritual resistance! Also learn the right—and wrong—ways to use prophetic declarations and how these declarations differ from “faith declarations” and even declarative prayer.