Inner Healing Symposium

Sheri Cadenhead

Key leaders in the inner healing arena are coming together from their various experiences and training to discuss breakthrough and freedom in some of the most pressing mental and emotional health issues today.

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Hear God Better

Josh Motlong

Streams Ministries exist to help the body of Christ, hear God better. We pray that you find yourself on this grand adventure as God draws you closer to His heart so you can walk into the destiny that He created you for because you have purpose. Hear God Better is designed for exactly that — to help you better recognize …

Hearing God’s Voice

Josh Motlong

This course is designed to help you hear the Lord and prepare you to recognize the many ways in which God speaks. The voice of the Lord can be the earth-shaking, but most of us will be more familiar with the whisper—the still, “small” voice of God.

The Art of Hearing God

Josh Motlong

Can everyone hear from God? If everyone can hear from God, why are there so few who actually do? The Art of Hearing God is an introductory yet profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions and practical tools to learn to hear the voice of the Lord clearly and consistently. You will gain a delineated awareness of hearing that …

Elijah House’s Healing Trauma

Josh Motlong

If you’ve gone through any kind of trauma, or if you minister to those who have, this course is for you! This video series covers life-changing ways to minister to those who have experienced trauma and includes how to overcome trauma’s physical, emotional, and relational side effects. 

Living the Spiritual Life

Josh Motlong

In Living the Spiritual Life, your hunger for the mysteries of the spiritual life will be ignited. Discover how to maximize the help of Heaven and the interaction between Heaven and earth on your behalf.

Signs, Wonders, Healings & Miracles

Josh Motlong

What’s the secret of healing and miracles? Taught by John Paul Jackson, this online course discusses spiritual principles that will dramatically enhance how you minister to others. Learn the mysteries of communion and its correlation to a person’s health, come to know the personality and operation of the Holy Spirit on a whole new level, and more!

Healing the Land

Josh Motlong

Healing the Land explores what the Bible says about memory in the land, cleansing the land, and healing defiled places. You will come away from this course with a fresh perspective on your authority to steward the earth as it says in Psalm 115:16.

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Josh Motlong

This is not just another course on prayer! Taught by John Paul Jackson, this online course discusses seldom-recognized principles of prayer that will revitalize your prayer life and help you reconnect with the promises God has given you. Uncover hidden secrets in the armor of God, how to choose the correct weapon for your warfare, and much more!

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Josh Motlong

Jesus is the desire of the nations, and YOU get to represent Him to the world around you! This testimony-filled course will pour hope into your heart and give you a brand-new expectation for God to move both in you and through you. Learn how to co-labor with Him as He works on the earth, and develop greater effectiveness in …