Divine Explanation Dreams

Posted on September 7, 2022

Sometimes the Lord stirs things up inside us so we’ll begin to ask a certain question. When He gives us a question, He wants to answer it—and He might do so in a dream.

A few years ago, my friend Jordan and I were talking about priest-kings and the role of apostles and prophets. I mentioned I was wondering if there was a connection between them.

That comment landed in Jordan’s spirit, and a handful of nights later, he had a dream about it. 

In his dream, he and I were talking about different theological topics, and I asked, “Do you know what the most important connection is between priest-kings and the role of apostles and prophets?”

At the same time, both of us answered, “Servant leadership.”

Then Jordan woke up.

God does things like that sometimes. The Holy Spirit will touch something in your spirit, and you’ll realize there’s a mystery. Wait a second. There’s something here. A truth to be known. Your spirit will begin meditating on the question, and the Lord may tell you more in a dream, like He did with Jordan.

I love how dreams can bring the musings of the heart to the surface. God could tell us the future in a dream, show us something to pray for, or reveal why something happened the way it did. Sometimes the Lord disciples us in dreams, and sometimes He explains biblical truth. After I heard Jordan’s dream, I wanted to go back and revisit this topic! I wanted to learn even more.

Be open to the idea of the Lord explaining something to you in a dream. His voice is lovely, however it comes.

To learn more, listen to episode 27 of The Dreams Guy podcast.