Live Event

The Art of Hearing God – Rodriguez-Everard 8/17/23

Join Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard Aug 17 – Aug 19, 2023 in Denver, CO, for this special event.

The Art of Hearing God is a profound course that will give you practical tools to learn to hear the voice of God clearly and consistently. You will gain a delineated awareness of hearing that allows you to discover how or why you sometimes miss God.

You will learn how to distinguish God’s voice from your own, recognize some seldom-understood ways the enemy limits your hearing even when God is speaking, and train you to recognize hindrances that prevent you from hearing Him.

What you can expect:

  • Expanded capacity to receive revelation from God
  • Fine-tuning of your spiritual sensitivity
  • Uncovering of the many ways God speaks to you
  • Removing of the blocks that keep you from walking in your destiny
  • Encouragement and exhortation to pursue a more intimate relationship with God

Course consists of 21 hours of teaching and activation and includes a detailed course notebook.

Register by Jul 31st for the early bird rate!

Special alumni price is $67.50. Please bring your course notebook, or you may purchase a new notebook for $30 by contacting us through our web site and letting us know you would like to purchase one. (Must email by Jul 31, 2023).

Aug 17 – Aug 19, 2023
All Day
BridgeWay Church
5201 E. Warren Ave.
Denver, CO

Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard