God is Here

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

Have you ever received a message in a dream? When someone gives you a message in a dream, often that message is literal and tells you the dream’s core meaning. 

In Genesis 28, Jacob leaves his home and everything he knows to escape his brother, Esau, who wants to kill him. 

While he’s traveling, Jacob stops for the night at Bethel, the same place where his grandfather Abraham encountered God and built an altar to Him. That night, in that place, Jacob has a dream.

One of the first steps in dream interpretation is giving the dream a title. I’ve titled this dream simply “God Is Here.” In this incredible experience, Jacob recognizes God’s presence. That’s a key factor. 

Second, who is the dream about? When you’re observing the action in a dream (not participating) the dream probably isn’t about you. But in this case, that principle doesn’t fit. We know it’s about Jacob because God gives him a message.

When you hear a message in a dream, and you can remember it—especially when the message is from God or from someone potentially speaking on His behalf—in many cases, the message is the dream’s most important point. 

As amazing as this dream is, talking about the angels ascending and descending the ladder doesn’t take a lot of time. Instead, the dream focuses on what God says.

“I am your God. I’ve given you this blessing, and I’m going to be with you. I will bring you back to this place, and I will bless you, and your descendants will multiply.”

Pay attention to messages in dreams, because they could be exactly what God wants you to know.

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