God Knows Your Language

Posted on December 9, 2021

by Lauren Stinton

The Dream’s Guy

Episode 6

God Knows Your Language

One common principle in dream interpretation is that most of the time, God will speak to you in your language, whatever language that happens to be.

I have friends who live in China, and when God speaks audibly to them, He probably speaks in Chinese. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard God speaking Chinese—but that’s not my language. He wants me to be able to understand Him.

The same is true with dreams. God will tend to use language and elements that are familiar to you, so you can more easily understand what He’s saying.

In Genesis 31:9–14, Jacob is talking about a dream he had that made him wealthy. He saw the spotted and speckled animals mating, and he recognized, “This is where the multiplication is going to happen.” 

At the time, spotted and speckled animals weren’t necessarily the ones you wanted, but Jacob took a risk and, to the best of his ability, followed what he felt God was saying. 

Here’s a key: When God speaks, the revelation trumps man’s wisdom. God blessed Jacob for listening to Him and brought him abundant wealth.

This short dream reveals how God usually speaks to us. Jacob worked with animals, so God spoke to him about animals and showed him how to make wealth through them. Jacob didn’t need a lot of understanding for this dream, because he already had the understanding. 

As you look at your dreams, what familiar aspects do you see? Your job? Your ministry? A hobby you enjoy? Things you love? You don’t dream about those things just because your brain is processing your day—God might be using your language to speak to you. 

To hear more about this dream and how God speaks, listen to episode 6 in The Dream’s Guy podcast.