Invitation Dreams

Posted on May 10, 2022

Sometimes God will give you an invitation in a dream, and you’ll accept it—even though you don’t necessarily recognize what’s going on.

A few years ago, Rob dreamed he was in Israel. He saw two groups of people: one dressed in white and the other dressed in black. 

A man in black said, “It’s okay to come through now.” 

But a man in white replied, “I’m Jeremiah.” Picking up two sheaves of wheat, he lifted them above his head, where they formed the Star of David. “And my feet are bleeding.” 

There the dream ended.

Rob has a heart for Israel, and he goes there regularly to pray for the land, the people, and what God wants to do. He had this dream before he started going. It was an invitation then; now it is confirmation. 

The prophet Jeremiah dealt with false prophets who told the people what they wanted to hear, not what the Lord was saying. In this dream, Rob clearly saw two different companies of prophets. 

One said, “Hey, it’s okay to come through. You can just do what you want.” 

But the other said, “No, you’ll have to walk through difficult times to see the harvest in Israel.”

This dream imparted to Rob an intercessory burden for Israel’s land and people. Yes, it would be difficult. He was going to weep like Jeremiah wept—but the pain would be worth it. 

Rob didn’t know what this dream meant at the time, but he still accepted the burden of the Lord. That can happen with the Holy Spirit—He has a way of moving our hearts and leading us forward, even when we don’t understand.

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