Knowing Someone Else’s Dream

Posted on May 25, 2022

Many years ago, a pagan king had a dream and refused to share it with his counselors. “You will tell me what I dreamed and what it means, or I’m going to kill you,” he said.

Most of his counselors replied, “That’s crazy! No one can do what you’re asking.”

But one man said, “Wait! Don’t kill anyone. I can do what the king wants.”

That man, of course, was Daniel. He went before the Lord, who revealed to him not only what the dream meant—but also what the dream was in the first place.

Many of us read this story and think, That’s a unique biblical event. Probably wouldn’t happen today. 

But that isn’t true. It actually happened to a friend of mine. He was interpreting dreams and doing “spiritual readings” at a witchcraft festival, and he knew somebody’s dream without hearing it. The Light stepped in and used this knowledge to dramatically impact people at an event filled with darkness. 

Not all dreams are from God, but when He gives someone a dream, He can easily share that same dream, or at least talk about it, with someone else. Every time we’re trying to interpret a dream, we’ll learn more if we go to the dream’s Source and ask Him about it.

When you’re trying to figure out a dream from God, always return to the One who gave the dream.

As Daniel did, let’s put our trust in God’s mercy and love and let Him use us anyway He chooses. Because it’s astounding what He does through dreams.

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