Lay Off, Laban!

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

God doesn’t reserve dreams only for the people who know Him. Nor does He give dreams only to the super spiritual or those who “deserve” to hear from Him. 

Even people who have no spiritual life whatsoever still receive dreams from God, and they’re able to hear His voice this way. 

In Genesis 31:23–29, God gave a dream to Laban, a man who didn’t serve Him or know Him. About the dream, Laban said, “The God of your father came and spoke to me.” 

Laban obviously didn’t claim this God, but he still heard God’s voice.

That’s point number one with this dream. As God brings about His purposes on the earth, He guides people with His voice even when they don’t recognize Him. 

Some of us today have no idea that God is speaking to us in the night. We just have a dream that impacts us, and it changes certain dynamics in our lives. 

Second, when God gives us a dream, sometimes it’s enough to communicate the message without going into detail about what we saw. The Bible doesn’t tell us Laban’s exact dream—we only know what God said to him. 

Third, as Laban discovered, God will bring correction and warning in dreams! He might tell us to stop doing something or not to go through with our plans. He does this to spare us from a price we don’t want to pay. When God stopped Laban from saying anything to Jacob, either good or bad, He was shielding Laban from pain.

As we pay attention to our dreams, we will learn amazing things about God’s heart.

God’s voice is life. To hear more about this dream and how He speaks, listen to episode 8 in The Dream’s Guy podcast.