Make Me Burn

Posted on March 8, 2018

by John E. Thomas

I was not created to be one of those timid souls that sits on the sidelines of life and watches the world go by. I was made for greatness. The DNA of my Father screams from my heart, “Give me adventure, give me souls, give me the world lest I die.” I must see heaven invade the earth. I must be in the center of what You are doing. Don’t let me waste away in quietness and normalcy. Don’t let me be satisfied with anything less than Your presence invading earth everywhere I go. I don’t want good enough, I don’t want to “get by”, I don’t want to fade into the shadows of history without making my mark, the mark of the Cross, in the souls of men. Put a passion, no!, put a fury in my heart and let me run for all of Your goodness to explode onto this earth.

I will not sit by and let others tell the story of Your deeds, I will have my own stories of Your love changing lives, healing bodies, transforming cities, and discipling nations. Don’t let me settle God. Give me Your fire or let me die. Give me Your fire or take me home. I most have my home, I must have heaven, in life or death the choice is Yours, but do not deny me access to our home that You have prepared for me! The veil is torn and access is available, don’t let me look from a distance at the treasure You purchased with Your precious blood and say, “Oh, that’s nice. But right now I have a field that needs my attention. I have another life to live.” My life is gone. You have bought me with a price and I surrender!

Use me God! Burn in me God. Don’t let me settle for the mundane when the glory of God is my portion. Don’t let me settle when I can satisfy Your heart. Don’t let me hold onto my life when I can live Yours. Make me a martyr God! In life or death, You choose, but I have chosen to die that I may live. I lay down this shadow of a life so that I can have the substance. I let go of my hopes and dreams and I choose to live for Your dream.

Don’t deny me God! Set a fire in my soul, make my life burn, and send me out among the dry wood and weeds in the church and in the world until the fire spreads and consumes all that is flesh so that new life can come. Make me a wildfire that burns for heaven consuming all that is earthly. I am Yours God and You are mine. I will settle for nothing less than spending, wasting my life so that the Lamb may receive the reward of His sufferings! You are worthy!!!

It’s not enough God. I’ve seen Your power. I’ve seen Your glory. It’s not enough God. I can’t settle for a drop when there is a cup. I can’t settle for a pool when there is an ocean! I won’t back down. I must have more. Give me more. Give me Your power God. Let me be the revival I want to see. Let me be the answer to the dream of Your heart. Use me to purify Your bride and present her holy before You. Come God!!!

There must be more! I will not settle. I cannot settle. I will not be satisfied until the blood that was shed is satisfied. Give me Your power God, I will do Your will. “In the scroll of Your book it is written of me, I have come to do Your will.” “I have loved righteousness so You have anointed me with the oil of joy and gladness.” I am after Your heart God and I will not back down, I must have more. Break rebellion, send revival. Let this not just be my cry God, make it the cry of a generation. Break rebellion, send revival! Don’t let me back down! Don’t allow this moment’s passion to be tomorrow’s ashes. Burn in me with an everlasting flame!