Meeting Jesus in Your Dream

Posted on October 8, 2021

Meeting Jesus in Your Dream

One night Kathy dreams that she’s falling in love with someone who isn’t her husband. 

In her dream, she’s been camping and now it’s time to leave. As she’s getting ready to go, three young men come walking in. One of them sits down at a baby grand piano and starts playing. She begins to dance as he plays, and her dancing and his music flow together beautifully. 

She catches his eye a few times and realizes they’re falling for each other—but she’s married.

Afterward, one of his friends comes up and says, “You guys are perfect together.” 

“What’s his name?” she asks.

His name is Yeshua. 

As Kathy heads out to her car, Yeshua and a friend pull up in a Mustang and offer to give her a ride. It feels so right to be with him that she gets in his car and they leave.

Let’s start with the man’s name. Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. So this dream says that Jesus is about to walk into Kathy’s life in a way she’s never experienced Him. It will be beautiful, and they will flow together naturally—that’s a big deal. 

But what about her husband? In the dream, Kathy keeps reminding herself she’s married. 

Even though Jesus is about to change her plans (she’s taking His car, not hers), she doesn’t have to worry about how this change will affect her other responsibilities, such as family. 

How do we know? Because when it’s time for her to climb into His car, it will be good!

That’s how it works with God. As we fall more in love with Him, He takes precedence—and all our other commitments get better.

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