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Idol/ Occult History

Have you ever had your fortune told, had a palm reading, used a crystal ball, consulted tarot cards, played with a Ouija board, followed or read your horoscope?
Have you ever practiced yoga or transcendental meditation or automatic writing?
Have you ever communicated with apparitions that were not of God, including but not limited to attending a seance or a spiritualist meeting?
Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons, black or white magic games, or played with a voodoo doll?
Do you have any objects(s) or book(s) in your possession that may bring an evil presence or influence with it? Symbols? Dolls? Kits?
Have you ever cast spells or cursed someone?
Have you ever practiced table-lifting, levitation of objects or bodies, or astral travel?
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Have you ever attended a satanic meeting, voodoo meeting, coven meeting or belonged to a coven?
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Are you a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse?
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Have you been in an intimate relationship with someone involved in witchcraft?
Have your parents or ancestors been involved in witchcraft?
Have your parents or ancestors been a member of the Freemasons?
Have you willingly been involved in any addictive or ongoing sin that could bring about oppression in your life such as pornography, drugs, infidelity, etc.?
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