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Buying & Selling the Souls of Our Children – e-book



Originally released in 2000, this message by John Paul Jackson still holds relevance today. At that time Pokémon was mainly a trading card game, it has morphed into AR (augmented reality), video games, and a full-feature movie. Our culture is fascinated with supernatural activity and as more people seek entertainment or answers from spiritual sources the need for discernment increases!

We sold out of this book a number of years ago, before John Paul passed away in 2015. It is costly to print books in a physical format. In the last few years I have had a number of people ask about Pokémon and other spiritual “entertainment” and I have shared concepts from this book to help them. I wanted to be sure that a new generation of children and parents have access to these eternal spiritual truths that can be applied to any area of the spiritual life as we decide what is safe and what is dangerous in our search for the real.

If you want to learn more about how the spiritual world works, right and wrong ways to seek revelation, and grow in discerning spiritual activity we have an online classroom full of courses written and taught by John Paul Jackson, myself, and other teachers at www.streamsministries.com.

May the current generation of children and youth grow up with clear discernment, a hunger for the voice of God, and fulfill the destiny God created them for!