Cultivating an Effective Prayer Life



In this 7.5 hour seminar by John E. Thomas, you will learn these concepts and more as you are inspired to pray and encounter God’s heart in a deeper way.

“The result of a well-prayed life is an interior reality that does not resist the presence of God.” This phrase rose in John’s spirit as he was preparing to teach on prayer and became the foundation for this course.

  • How can we steward our hearts so that our whole life becomes a prayer?
  • How can we intentionally cultivate an atmosphere of the presence of God so that we influence circumstances and situations around us?
  • When we explore the reality of the new creation and the “”one Spirit with God”” that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 6:17, how would our prayer life change?
  • What can we learn about expanding the kingdom of God through prayer by meditating on the Garden east of Eden, the New Jerusalem, and the ministry of Jesus?
  • What role does Scripture reading, study, and meditation have in shaping our hearts and spirits?