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Gospel of the Kingdom


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Gospel of the Kingdom Printed Manual



What is your role in the kingdom? How does that affect your spiritual life, your social life, and your work life? Do you understand your authority? If the kingdom of God is more than healing, more than church, and more than doctrine, do you know what it really is? There are two places the Bible reveals what it looks like when the kingdom of God is fully manifested in the earth realm—the Garden of Eden and the New Jerusalem—the beginning and the end of the Bible. All of scripture is about the kingdom of God, it was the message Jesus taught, the message the early church taught, and the message that is essential today. Join John E. Thomas as he goes deep into this subject and reveals secrets both old and new bringing light to this essential understanding.

  • Walk away with a new expectation for God to move.
  • Learn how to co-labor with him in what he is doing in the earth.
  • Be inspired by stories of lives transformed.
  • Develop greater effectiveness in ministry and life as you step into the fullness of the authority given you!

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Course includes a PDF manual for download. The printed manual may be purchased for an additional price.