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Healings and Measures of Faith MP3

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Do you ever question whether you have enough faith for healing?

Healing and miracles are an important aspect of your role here on earth as a believer. But what kind of faith will it take to see these supernatural events take place in your life? And, more importantly, how do you get that faith?
John Paul Jackson will explain the Biblical system and principles of healing faith and teach you how to build your faith to a level that allows the miraculous to take place in your life.
Watch as John Paul answers the following questions:

What are the three basic principals of healing?
What is the difference between healing and miracles?
Why do Christians get confused about faith?
What is the one thing that hinders the works of God most of all?
Is there such a thing as anti-faith?

Expect your life to change dramatically as you set your heart on this pilgrimage towards greater faith and the pursuit of the “greater things” that Jesus spoke of to His disciples.