Spiritual Living

Power and Authority



From the beginning, God provided man with Power and Authority. Many think these two are one and the same–but they are not.

The Bible clearly distinguishes two realities of Jesus by which the people marveled: the power He displayed and the authority He carried. Many in the Church seek power. Few seek authority.

Everyone wants power, but very few of us understand the other side of that coin and that is authority.
Power is a gift that is given to you and must be exercised daily.
Authority is not a gift. It comes through a relationship with He who has all authority.
This authority can never go higher than the One who gives you this authority.
Authority is only as deep as your relationship is with the Father.

If you are a Christian who is bored with your walk with the Lord, you probably have never experienced God’s kingdom power and authority in your life!

In this dynamic teaching, John Paul shares how every believer has the ability to develop a special relationship with their Heavenly Father, and obtain through submission more of His kingdom power and authority flowing in their lives. He explores how authority will ignite you to proactively take dominion over all powers that are counterproductive to God’s purpose for your life.

It’s time for you to live a life that displays both the power and authority of the Kingdom. Find out how, in Power and Authority!