Spiritual Living

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare


$89.00 for 1 year

John Paul Jackson has been pursuing God and a life of prayer for over 35 years. In his search for answers, God has taught him many principles and spiritual mechanics that he reveals in this exciting course.

Learn how to perceive, grow, and mature by discovering seldom-recognized principles of prayer that will revitalize your prayer life and help you revive your promises.

Uncover hidden secrets in the armor of God that have been ignored for thousands of years and begin to realize their importance. Discover why the Bible painstakingly keeps them alive, and learn how to choose the correct weapon for your warfare.

John Paul answers such questions as:

  • What are the five unintended consequences of prayer that you didn’t know?
  • What is the difference between prayer and spiritual warfare?
  • Is there a way to pray that is more effective than another way?
  • How does the spirit world operate?
  • Are there spiritual portals or gates, and how do they function?

This is not just another prayer course! Come and discover the unknown areas of prayer, the ignored principles of spiritual warfare, the secrets of the gateways into the spiritual world and how they operate today. Discover the ebb and flow of the spiritual life and the interaction and dynamics of Heaven and earth. Find out the Biblical evidence of how the prayer of one man changed the heart of Heaven concerning a king. Your prayers can do the same!

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The course includes a PDF manual for download.