Prophetic Realm Collection



Intro to Prophecy

Join John E. Thomas in  Intro to Prophecy as we dive deeper into 1 Corinthians 12–14 to learn more about:

  • Discerning the source of spiritual activity
  • How to grow in expectation for God to move in and through you
  • The place spiritual gifts, especially prophecy, have in a spiritual community
  • Practical ways to keep love at the center of our spiritual experiences without limiting our hunger for more

Includes 5 messages on DVD or MP3

Interaction Between Heaven and Earth CD/DVD COMBO

This teaching from John Paul will give you a clearer picture of Heaven’s administration by explaining spiritual weapons God has given us and the spiritual beings God has created to help us use those weapons.

You will come away from this teaching knowing:

1) God wants you to live an exciting, vibrant, supernatural life through Christ Jesus, and Heaven’s interaction is vital in helping you do that.

2) God wants you to understand His eternal nature, and in doing so, grasp the difference in not only the eternal and temporal, but the eternal and everlasting.

3) God wants us to understand that the co-existing Spiritual Realm is superior to the Temporal Realm in every instance.

4) God wants us to set our mind on things above so that we have Above the Line Thinking. How do you get Above the Line Thinking?

How you think will lay the groundwork for your destiny. Jesus wants to see His earthly rule and His purposes established here on earth and He wants to use you to do it. Find out that you’re not alone in this endeavor, in The Interaction Between Heaven and Earth.


Strength of Revelation study card

How does God interact with His people?

Scripture shows us the multitude of ways in which God chooses to speak to us. But even the ways He uses to speak have significance in and of themselves.

The Strength of Revelation Card will help you to understand the ways of God and to know how much weight to place on what you're hearing, feeling and seeing.

Find out the many ways God chooses to reveal Himself -- His plans and purposes for your life -- with the Strength of Revelation Study Card.