Signature Series MP3 Bundle – Prophetic



Becoming a Prophetic Community - MP3

Walk in the Full Potential of Your Prophetic Calling

This invaluable teaching will revolutionize the prophetic and seer community. For those of you with a revelatory or seer gift, this teaching will change you--and change even how you view yourself. It will help break the fetters of insecurity and rejection that have plagued God's revelatory people from the days of old.

Receive revelation from God and His strategy to accomplish the impossible.

If you walk faithfully in what God has given you, you will:

Prosper in the Church
Advance the Kingdom
Have true peace with your pastor
Hear accurately from God
...all at the same time!

Learn how to live a prophetic lifestyle that overcomes the issues restraining prophets and seers.
Break free of the two-year cycle that inhibits churches and debilitates the prophetic.
No longer should the prophetic be despised; you will raise the standard of the prophetic by understanding what God requires of you.
Avoid the common protocol traps that ensnare prophets.
You will emerge as a leader in the prophetic community and inject life into the Church.


Developing Your Prophetic Gift - MP3

Get to the next level faster!

Mature in your prophetic gifting so that you can more easily follow God's path for your life.

Gain insight that can help you sidestep mistakes before they occur.

Learn how to live in harmony with church leadership and be a blessing to those with whom you come in contact.

Understand the role of the prophetic in the local church.


Essentials For Prophetic Evangelism MP3

Naturally Supernatural MP3

A unique, unedited version of a workshop that took place in Southampton, England, when John Paul Jackson chronicled several exciting, supernatural events. You'll hear hundreds of people squeal with delight as nearly two dozen heavenly host become visible to the eye, and fly through the room. Many there were changed forever. Others who have heard this tape have experienced new impartations of the Holy Spirit.

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Prophets and Psychics MP3

Discern between dark light and pure light—the difference between good and God.
Learn the radical difference between revelation and information.
Walk with peace and power among members of the New Age and occult.
Be confident in your gift of prophecy by developing a true understanding of the Creator.
Be equipped to answer the world concerning this soul vs. spirit issue.

—Bonus Tracks—
Want more? Listen in as John Paul dives into intimate discussion with his staff and interns on the topics of soul and spirit, telekinesis, astral projection, and more.

This resource is only available in MP3 format.


Spiritual Dilemmas MP3

Wisdom and the Prophetic Journey

John Paul Jackson examines fundamental principles essential to growing in spiritual maturity. These seven principles of success can be applied to your life and help you reach your full potential and destiny.