Posted on July 17, 2023

By John E. Thomas

We do not have a God that is unable to do what He has said. He is limitless in His capacity. There is no end to His power and there is no border to His willingness. He wants to. He doesn’t have to. He wants to.

His knowledge finds no shore. His understanding knows no boundary. His desire is so full that the universe expands to try to make room.

He is faithful to the end. Never changing, not adapting to something new. Always the same, always true. Pillars of eternity—His word and His heart. Justice and mercy forever married—true love.

A promise is a promise, not a wish or vain hope. A solid foundation, an anchor for faith. Every vow an oath—“yes” and “amen”. Eternally constant, never wavering, not moved. His arm not too short, His competency not in question.

His heart is steadfast. His love for you is true. What He said will happen. He finds no surprises on the road. Nothing not already in the plan. He’s determined good for you. His purpose is steadfast, His designs thought through. He is Who He is and will do what He will do!