Rejecting The Spirit of Fear

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

In 2020 Jordan had a powerful intercession dream that applies to many of us.

In his dream, he visits a church to hear Bill Johnson speak, but when he arrives, he’s the only person in attendance.

This isn’t right, Jordan thinks. This is an important message, and the church needs to hear this. Why is nobody else here? 

As if there’s a full crowd, Bill Johnson gets up and starts speaking about rejecting the spirit of fear. 

Jordan notices a booklet on his lap, and he opens it to find a thumbnail video of a worship leader singing to two little girls about preparing the bride of Christ for the Lord’s coming. When the video is over, Jordan turns back to Bill’s message and listens until the end of the dream. 

It’s interesting that Jordan had this dream at the end of 2020—the “year of fear” for many people. The spirit of fear launched a clear attack that year, and we are still feeling that attack. 

But as the world struggles, the Holy Spirit is leading His church to reject the spirit of fear. That’s the message the Lord released in this dream: “Be prepared. Jesus is coming.” Specifically, the next generation needs to hear they do not have to submit to the spirit of fear. 

We are about to see the Lord visit His church again. However, most people in the church are not paying attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. We need to move with Him and reject fear.

The Lord gave Jordan this dream so he could pray and help usher in the incredible thing God is about to do.

To hear this amazing dream in its entirety, listen to episode 11 of The Dream’s Guy podcast.