Responding to America’s Political Climate

Posted on September 12, 2023

By Jessica Bouziani

In America we are in the last 18-months of President Biden’s term, and there are many debates and opinions already fluttering about who the most likely candidates are for the next election. Money is flowing to get certain people the most exposure. Stages are cleared to bring men and women in to argue their place and position. The television ads and internet bombardment will only increase over the next months. With everything building I’ve found myself asking the Lord how we should be praying. His response…

Pray For Healing For This Nation

If you are here in the United States, or an onlooker from afar, you have an invitation to invest into our presidential election, our future, and our hope. You are invited! Please, let’s look past the onslaught of rubbish that is about to hit the news stations, and fix our eyes on the One True Living God.


Thank You for the United States of America. We thank You for the history of hope in Christ that this country stands for, and the example of democracy to many peoples. Thank You for President Biden, may he be blessed with good health, sound mind, wisdom from heaven to lead our country well, and the knowledge of You. 

We ask You, Jesus, to bring healing to this beautiful land. Where perversion of communication has tried to divide and conquer, we ask for Your healing. Where the hard working citizens are struggling to provide, we ask for Your healing. Where pressures for control are trying to bind the freedom that we have fought so hard for, we ask for Your healing. Where the political arena is so very uncertain, we ask for Your healing. Where families have forgotten how to live for You, we ask for Your healing. 

Come, Holy Spirit, and teach our families how to live in unity and walk in forgiveness. Teach us how to love each other, and not to hate. Teach us how to support one another and not agree with evil. We plead Your Blood over our country, Jesus, that we would be washed with forgiveness, love, mercy, and healing. 

We need You, Jesus, desperately. Heal our land. Amen.

Jessica Bouzianis and her wonderful family are a part of the Streams Church community. This blog was re-posted with permission from Visit Jessica’s website to connect and read more of her blogs.