Rule and Reign

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

In Genesis 37, Joseph has two dreams that he eagerly shares with his brothers. 

In the first dream, God reveals to Joseph that one day his brothers will bow down to him. The second dream is similar—but on a much larger scale. We know this because it takes place in the heavenlies, not on earth. This tells Joseph that what God is doing with him will be supernatural, affecting everything the sun, moon, and stars can see. 

One thing we learn from this story is that we need to use wisdom when it comes to the amazing things God is telling us in our dreams. He will share the future with us, and sometimes we need to keep what He says private.

If Joseph hadn’t shared his dreams with his brothers, it’s possible he could have fulfilled his destiny and traveled to Egypt in a much easier way. Instead, he went as a slave.

When you have a powerful dream, go to the Lord. “Do You want me to share this dream? Is it time? Is this the right person to hear it?” 

We also learn from this story that when God makes a promise, the promise carries the power to change us. 

The Psalms say, “Until what God promised came to pass, the word of the Lord tested Joseph.” The word tested literally means “to purge.” The promise of God purged Joseph of the things that would keep him from his destiny. For his destiny to come about, he had to have a servant’s heart.

What promises has the Lord given you in your dreams? Value those promises, and seek Him for wisdom.

Joseph’s dreams are truly fascinating! To hear more, listen to episode 10 of The Dream’s Guy podcast.