Jon West

Associate Pastor, Christian Center of Shreveport

Jon is home grown, born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and is currently serving as an associate pastor at Christian Center Shreveport. Prior to that, Jon faithfully served as a Youth Pastor for seven years.

He is passionate about many things and well-versed in many topics but his one steady constant is his love for prophetic evangelism and reaching the lost. Knowing how to wield prophetic and dream interpretation as evangelistic tools, Jon and his team are skilled at inviting people into an encounter with the Father heart of God, both inside and outside traditional church walls.

Jon loves to study the Word of God and desires to see the Body of Christ functioning as a whole, fully embracing the “Whole Word” of God. Jon also has a gift to train and equip and isn’t afraid to use it, traveling regularly to the nations, equipping believers in the prophetic as well as teaching dream interpretation.