Kristi Graner

Burnsville, Minnesota

Kristi joined the Streams family in 1995 and was released by John Paul in 2000 to open a Streams Training Centre in Minnesota.  For decades, Kristi has taught about the value of listening to, discerning, and following God’s leading. Kristi holds a master’s degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation from St. Mary’s College in St. Paul, MN. She served on the Sr. Leadership Team at a Minnesota Megachurch for 20 years and is now the founder and director of Dare to Believe Ministries in Minnesota. Her passion is to see people fulfill their God-given purpose.

Kristi has been married to Gary since 1983.  They have two adult sons and a growing family. 

Current location:  Dare to Believe Ministries, Burnsville, MN
Willing to Travel: Yes