Josh Motlong

Dear John, Praise the Lord for such an anointing teaching in the past few days! I’m so glad to be in the class and having a passionate mentor like you. Your teaching created turbulence in my mind. It kept stirring up in my heart to have a greater desire to pursue a deeper understanding about our Father. You have changed my mindset towards Prophecy. Before I thought it’s just a spiritual activity for certain anointed and gifted believers. Through your teaching, I was inspired by your humility and honesty for the heart of God. I learnt that it’s not only about the power of the gift, it’s more about the submission to the Lord and the honesty to self and to others. Thank you so much for revealing the truth. Each lessons it’s like a treasure hunt to me to discover the pure gold inside the teaching. Once again, thank you so much for being our lead in this finding treasure journey! May God multiply what’s in your hands and bless those around you. In Him, Ruby