Ting Ting

Josh Motlong

John, I was so grateful to have your teaching! Every time I attend your class, I can feel God’s intensive love and compassion for his people who have prophetic gifts! Especially in mainland China, over five thousand years, it was like an execution yard and prison abusing prophets. When I saw and heard many of their suffering and crying, I was frustrated at the beginning. However, when I listen to your precious teaching, my heart gradually calms down. Through your teaching, many of God’s children can feel their lives being treasured and activated! In your class, we experienced delightful experiences which transformed us into the children of true royal blood so that we become the pioneers to unleash the ancient nation of God! Thank you for passing us the anointing of royalty and anointing of diligent servant! We ask God to greatly bless your work, keep your life safe, elevate your heart and mind so to keep on expanding in God’s favor. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!