The Divine Chess Game

Posted on March 8, 2018

by John Paul Jackson

Life in God is like a chess game. Some pieces He moves constantly, every game, all the time. Other pieces He moves once a game, or He leaves them alone for several games in a row. But then, seemingly at random, the game changes, and those never-touched pieces become His key players. In that game, everything is different. Pieces that rarely see any action are moved all over the board.

Why? Why are some pieces left alone for long periods of time, while others experience almost constant change? Why does God choose to make a certain move in the first place?

Here’s the interesting thing about God and chess. In chess, each time a piece is moved, the opponent has to react. God has never, ever made a defensive move, because a defensive move says, “I didn’t know you were going to do that. Now I have to retaliate.” God always moves offensively. He always moves in such a way that the enemy has to go on the defensive.

You are His chess piece. If there is something He wants done on the earth, there will be times when He moves you. There will be times He chooses to move you just to make the enemy react. God is an excellent strategist. He has a plan. He knows the steps He’s going to take in advance, and He sees the outcome.

If you don’t realize He has a plan, you could lose your mind when your position on the board changes, and suddenly, you’re facing new threats. “Why did this happen to me? What am I doing here? Why is my life so difficult? Why are all these things coming against me?

The answer is that God has a plan. He has a chessboard, and you are one of the pieces He is moving.


All of us have to learn to think the way He thinks: according to an eternal, heavenly story. He has given us tools with which to do this. He tells us to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. He lets us know the most important thing in life: “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.” And the second most important thing: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” His Kingdom includes the tools we need, and the entire spiritual world is at our disposal.

If we think in earthly terms, we get earthly results because we sow to the flesh. But if we think in heavenly terms, we sow to the spirit, and we get spiritual results. We receive spiritual fruit and spiritual manifestations.

If we look at the work of God as a divine chess game, we see that He is intent on destroying the work of the evil one and helping His players achieve their purposes, the reasons they’re on the board in the first place.


You are one of God’s chess pieces. You are part of His plan. Nothing happens to you without His knowing, and He is the One who moved you to the exact “square” you’re standing on right now. No one can do what you can do. If another piece could have done it better, God would have put that piece in your spot. But instead, you’re there. In this game, that square has your name on it. You are perfect for the job. God is an excellent chess player, and you can trust Him to make the right moves with you.