The Grass is Greener When It’s Watered

Posted on July 17, 2023

By Jessica Bouzianis

There’s an awful old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side, directly prompting the lie that we will always want what others have. However, I’ve learned that the grass is greener when it’s tended to properly. 

We cannot be filled with envy and gratitude simultaneously. An envious heart says that we deserve to have what someone else has been given, while gratitude says that we don’t deserve the things that we have. When we got married, we committed ourselves to a sinner forgiven by the mercy of Jesus. Each breath we take, each beat of our heart, every morning the sun comes up, we are not actually deserving of these things! We are guilty sinners that take deep advantage of the gifts God gives us. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of who we are, of who God is, and of how great the gift is of marriage. 

Every marriage is different and unique as we were each created so by the hand of God. However, the marriage of that other couple you admire is not the greener pasture you want to envy. Instead, let’s have gratitude for what we have right now in the moment, and let’s work to grow to be the very best for each other. 

Father, thank you for the gift of marriage. Where we have looked to our left and right with envy, we repent and shift our gaze back to You. We ask for Your mercy to cover us and forgive our sinful hearts. Give us eyes to see our spouse, ourselves, and our marriage as You see. Break the unhealthy patterns we have harvested. Fill us with thanksgiving for this best friend and lover we have until the day we die. 

Thank You Father, for Your design is perfect. Help us when we are tempted and don’t see clearly. Remove the scales from our eyes, heal our hearts, and draw us closer. We trust You Lord and the work of Your hand. Come, have Your way in us. 


Consider an area you would like your marriage to improve. Communication, finances, rest, adventure, prayer, intentionality….where do you see a place to grow with the Lord in your marriage? Talk in out, pray, and make a practical plan to move forward. Life is so fast, and without intention we can miss it. Let’s go all in on building a stronger marriage with Jesus. 

Jessica Bouzianis and her wonderful family are a part of the Streams Church community. This blog was re-posted with permission from Visit Jessica’s website to connect and read more of her blogs.