The Great Request

Posted on June 24, 2022

Oriel is from Israel and has interned at the Streams office for almost a year. In October 2020, she had an interesting dream.

She was in an apartment with several other people and saw a man with tumors in his head. He was in pain and she prayed for him. A large window was nearby, and she could see six monkeys in a tree. 

A well-known medium appeared outside the window. The woman started banging on the glass and demanding, “Let me in! My daughter’s in there.” 

Oriel did not let her in.

Let’s look at three key elements of this dream: 

Brain tumors: Likely an issue of mental healing (how someone thinks).

Monkeys: Are generally negative and can represent mockery. Six is the number of man (Rev. 13:18), so there’s a picture here of the “outside world” peering in and mocking what they see.

The medium: Illegal access to spiritual things. Certain spiritual things aren’t necessarily “bad,” but they can come through negative sources. The “parent” is trying to gain access. “I birthed this thing! I have a right to be here.” 

I believe this dream represents what the church is going through right now. As the body of Christ, we’re trying to figure out how to help people who are hurting because of bad thinking. While the world looks on with a mocking spirit, the enemy is trying to get inside. Discernment, however, says, “No way. You’re not getting in here.” 

This is an intercession dream. God showed Oriel what was about to happen so she could pray. Intercession dreams are powerful, and whenever we pray according to God’s heart, we get to see amazing things.

To hear more about this fascinating dream, listen to episode 21 of The Dreams Guy podcast.