The Most Excellent Gift

Posted on March 8, 2018

by John Paul Jackson

Childlikeness has a special place in God’s heart. He calls us His children, and coming to Him in faith and trust requires hearts that are childlike.

With that in mind, have you ever considered being childlike with God around Christmas time—enough to give Him a Christmas gift? What would you give Him?

This Christmas, there is something every person has the opportunity to give God— something precious, something important—yet it won’t cost you anything in the traditional sense.


When David lost his family and the families of his men to the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 30, he gave God a gift. He chose to turn his heart toward Him. The Bible says he “strengthened himself in the Lord.”

What does that look like? In a moment of deep pain, David chose to rely on the names of God because he knew that the name of God, the acts of God, and the glory of God are one; they are inseparable. Consider what that means—you do not have a God who is Jehovah-Rapha but fails to heal. You do not have a God who is Jehovah-Shalom but fails to bring peace. You do not have a God who is Jehovah-Jireh but fails to provide. David sought God’s face:

  • I will call on the name of Jehovah-Tsidkenu: the Lord my righteousness; pure in action, morally perfect.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Mishpat: the Lord our justice; the unbiased, impartial One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Chesed: the Lord who is merciful; the Lord, loving, kind, courteous; the overlooking One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Mekaddesh: the Lord who sanctifies; the pure One, who is clean without stain.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Magen: the Lord our shield; the protecting, hiding overshadowing One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Shalom: the Lord is peace; the calm, content, preparing One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Shamah; the Lord is there; the patient, revealing, disclosing One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Rapha: the Lord is healing; the creating, righteous, restorative One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Jireh: the Lord provides; the knowing, seeing, giving One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Nissi: the Lord our victorious banner; the offensive (advancing) One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Rohi: the Lord our Shepherd; the strong, leading, protecting One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Ahavah: the Lord is love, patient and kind; the caring, empathetic One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Elohim: the Lord is worthy of worship; the glorious, incomparable, all-powerful One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Qanna: the Lord is jealous; the love-stricken jealous One, who is angry on my behalf.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Elyon: the Lord and supreme God; Deliverer of all that exists.
  • I will call on Jehovah-El Olam: the Lord is eternal; the uncaused, self-creating, self-existing One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Kadesh: the Lord who is holy; the pure, undefiled and uncompromised One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Shaddai: the Lord is mighty; the omnipotent, all-powerful One, in nite in strength.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Or: the Lord is light; the luminous, glowing, radiant One.
  • I will call on Jehovah-Kavod: the Lord of weighty glory; the rich and splendorous One.

This is the God who will protect you! This is the God who will provide for you. This is the God who sees you. He knows your distress. He knows where you are. He knows your heart for Him—and you will not fail, because He will not fail.
The best gift you and I could ever give God is to do as David did and turn our hearts toward Him—to open our hearts to Him and His will (Matthew 11:30). This is an incredible gift that means the world to Him. It will impact His heart at a depth that will take us by surprise.

When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” — Psalm 27:8