The Pathway of Destiny Part 1

Posted on March 8, 2018

by John E. Thomas

You have a purpose. You know that even if you have forgotten. It haunts you when you try to play off mediocrity as if it were okay, it is the longing to be known and feel special—the destiny God created specifically for you is calling you to fill a vacuum only you can fill.

We all have a purpose. Whether we understand what that purpose is or not, we all know somewhere deep inside that we are here for a purpose. It is only as we are living out that purpose, or on the path towards it, that we truly feel fulfilled. A Lamborghini that is only driven 25 miles per hour in a crowded residential area will never feel fulfilled. And a nice Chrysler minivan will feel used and resentful trying to take curves on a race track at 125 miles per hour.

What is your purpose? It is different for each of us. Every person is a unique astounding being shining with glory and eternal significance. That is you! Unique. Astounding. Shining with glory. Eternally significant.

The first step to realizing your purpose is realizing you were created with one. God created you for a specific reason with specific talents and abilities in a particular mix that no other person that has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live can ever repeat. You are special and there is nothing you can do about it. You’re stuck with it.

If you were created with a purpose then only the Creator can tell you what that purpose is. The Apostle Paul tells us that those that have responded in faith to God’s invitation in Jesus Christ don’t do so by great deeds but for good deeds. We are saved (rescued and delivered, made whole) by grace through faith for the purpose of good works that God has been dreaming about since before He hung the first star in the sky. (Ephesians 2:8–10 and 1:3–14) Yes, God has been dreaming about you!

We have to look at the thoughts that short circuit the greatness that God placed inside of us. The first step is essential, allow God to tell you what your purpose is and how to get there. You have to surrender. You have to leave behind your right to be good enough to accomplish anything in your own power and let Him have His way through you. You have to let go to take control of your destiny!

This can end up being a recurring battle. We keep trying to figure out where we are going and how we will get there. We buy into the script that says, “I did it my way.” “Looking out for number one.” “If you want something you have to go get it.” “I am responsible for my success.” Basically, that we can be like God and figure out what is good and what is bad for our lives. Does that sound familiar? (Genesis 3:5)

There is a basic problem with that. Where does the best you can do take you? Your best can only take you as far as you can go. But what if you need to go somewhere you can’t go? What if your purpose is beyond all of your natural abilities?

Here is the secret many people miss—the destiny or purpose is for us but the journey that gets us there is for God. He is more interested in the relationship developed through shared experiences than getting “work” done. He doesn’t actually need our help to accomplish anything, He wants to spend time with us.

He also wants us to spend time with each other. God is love and His priorities for His creation are that we would love Him first and each other second. (1 John 4:8; Matthew 22:36–40) There are parts of your story that were not, and are not, really about you accomplishing something that will help you fulfill your purpose. They were about you spending time with someone else who will cause you to see God, yourself, and the world differently—which in turn changes you, transforms you into the type of person who can accomplish tomorrow’s destiny.

Every interaction with each person we encounter has the potential to make us better if we respond correctly. Sometimes that is forgiveness, sometimes holding boundaries, or giving, re-evaluating old boundaries, trying something new, listening to a different opinion, trusting, etc. The good and the bad both become opportunities for us to find the truth and become stronger and better.

Relationships are by nature recipricol. Perhaps they needed us to help them see God, themselves, and the world differently? Maybe our being in their life helped them become the type of person that they need to be?

You have a purpose. You know that even if you have forgotten. It haunts you when you try to play off mediocrity as if it were okay, it is the longing to be known and feel special—the destiny God created specifically for you is calling you to fill a vacuum only you can fill.

God gave you that destiny and He is the only One that can get you there. You will never fulfill your purpose by “doing your own thing”. But when you fulfill that purpose you can begin to understand the ache inside you that cries out to “do your own thing”. It is God’s way of causing you to sing the song only you can sing that will become a part of the eternal symphony called “God’s Glory”! The only answer is to surrender to Him, let Him become everything and you will find that He actually is everything.

The path is greater than the purpose. Relationships (with God and with others) are the golden bricks that will lead you to the Emerald City. Learn from them, become better because of them, don’t use them, and don’t lose them.

In The Pathway of Destiny part 2, I’ll talk about our thoughts and words and how they speed and/or slow the path we are walking to accomplish our destiny.