Trusting God’s Voice In Your Dreams

Posted on September 26, 2022

When God gives us a dream, the dream will show us what He is emphasizing and what He isn’t. We don’t need to worry and make the dream say something it doesn’t say, but we can trust Him to reveal what He wants us to know.

One night Sherrie dreamed she was in a stadium (this dream element typically represents something involving many people), and somebody was coming to attack her.

When a man stepped into the stadium, she thought, Oh, that’s the guy! She lifted her gun and shot him in the neck—and only afterward realized she shot the wrong man. 

If the dream ended there, the main “thrust” of the interpretation would be different. A firearm often represents spiritual authority, so the misuse of a firearm in a dream would likely be a warning for someone to use their spiritual authority wisely. We can see this warning in Sherrie’s dream; however, the dream also lets her know that even if she makes a mistake with her spiritual authority, it’s going to be okay. 

The man she shot wasn’t badly injured. He had a little door in his neck, and all he had to do was open the door, take out the bullet, and toss it away. 

“I’m not your enemy,” he told Sherrie. “I’m for you.”

The dream then progressed from there. 

God has such a wonderful way of comforting our hearts and making sure we have what we need. We can trust His voice in our dreams and expect Him to guide us well.

This is a fascinating dream involving several different elements. To hear the entire dream, listen to episode 29 of The Dreams Guy podcast.