What If It Isn’t a “Dream”?

Posted on October 8, 2021

What If It Isn’t a “Dream”?

A few months ago, Alysia had an interesting dream. 

In her dream, she looks out her window and sees a man with a flashlight. As the dream progresses, she realizes her front yard is filled with African animals—huge ones, much larger than normal. More men with flashlights are in the yard directing the animals, and Alysia is amazed by the deep depressions the elephants leave in the rocks. In the dream’s final scene, she shuts the door on a massive elephant that’s trying to get into her house.

What a dream, right?

One of the first things you want to do with a dream is determine the dream’s source. Generally speaking, the light in the dream can help you recognize if the dream is from God, the soul (your desires or fears), or the enemy. 

A dream set at night—it’s obviously night in the dream—will often be demonic in nature. Most demonic dreams are filled with fear. 

Alysia’s dream took place at night, but it didn’t “feel” like a demonic dream. Or even a soulish dream.

In fact, as I listened to her dream, I realized something. This was a spiritual experience. 

She was asleep, but her spirit was alert and sensing God’s voice as He revealed the future. He is bringing a certain kind of influence to her community, and that influence will be bigger than she expects.

The spiritual world doesn’t share the waking world’s physical laws or concepts of time and distance, so it is very possible for your spirit to see what God is doing while you sleep. This kind of dream is rare, but it can happen—because God is moving. 

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