What if Part of Your Dream Isn’t About You?!

Posted on January 25, 2022

by Lauren Stinton

Sometimes in dream interpretation, we assume something is about the dreamer because they saw it in their dream. But that isn’t always the case.

A few months ago, Deandra dreamed she was at a rodeo.  

At the beginning of the dream, everything is washed with the golden light of sunset. Deandra is sitting in the risers with some other people when down in the arena, three horses start fighting. The dream suddenly takes on a cartoonish quality and no longer looks natural. 

Three puffs of smoke emerge from the horses: One is green, one is yellow, and one is reddish. The smoke is so bright it almost seems to be light. 

The person sitting next to Deandra is alarmed, but Deandra reassures them. 

“When it’s the Lord’s timing,” she says, “He’ll confirm it.” 

A rainbow appears, and that’s the end of the dream.

Obviously, some of this dream applies to Deandra…but not everything. For instance, the conflict. Deandra is out in the audience. She’s observing the conflict, not taking part in it. Telling her, “You’re about to have conflict,” wouldn’t be accurate.

Horses often represent power, so she’s likely seeing powerful people or ministries fighting one another in an almost “comical” way. Despite the conflict, God still releases revelation (the bright smoke). 

In this case, the revelation has to do with timing. Green, yellow, and red are the colors of a traffic light. They tell you when to go, when to yield, and when to stop. So this dream talks about divinely understanding timing—of when God will fulfill His promises (the rainbow). 

Deandra, in turn, will be able to share this revelation with others. 

God WILL fulfill what He’s promised you. To hear the full interpretation of this dream, listen to episode 7 of The Dreams Guy podcast.