Why Study Dreams?

Posted on October 8, 2021

Why Study Dreams?

I began to study dreams after going to a course taught by John Paul Jackson called The Art of Hearing God. In this course, he showed how dreams are in the Bible and how they’re a key way God has spoken to people throughout history. 

After that course, I just had to go get his six-part teaching called The Essentials of Dreams & Visions. I listened to it multiple times, and I began to notice something—people who had no idea I was learning about dreams would come up to me and ask what their dreams meant! 

One person even visited my church because God told them that someone at that church could help them understand their dream. After the service, they just happened to come to me for prayer. 

This journey to understanding God’s voice in dreams has been interesting, to say the least! I’ve continued to study and grow in this subject because I know there’s something here. I want to know God’s voice in any way He speaks, even if it’s in a way that doesn’t make full sense to the Western mindset. 

A few years ago, John Paul Jackson wrote: 

The Western world (Western Europe and North America) have traditionally put a very low value on the importance of dreams. The Eastern world (Eastern Europe and Asia), however, consider dreams to be vital windows of revelation—messages from God Himself.

That’s why we study dreams and learn how to interpret them—because His voice is our treasure.

Many of us tend to shrug off our dreams, but God uses them. How loving is it to ignore someone when they’re speaking? Let’s learn to pay attention to God’s voice in the night. 

Keep dreaming! And be sure to write them down when you have them. 

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