The Dreams Guy Season 1 Episode 1

God is Here

Have you ever received a message from God or from someone speaking for God in a dream? Pay attention to that message.

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Welcome to The Dreams Guy Podcast with myself, John E. Thomas. I have been studying the Biblical model of dream interpretation for over twenty years and I want to share with you keys to help you interpret your dreams today. In 1999 I attended a Streams Ministries course that John Paul Jackson taught on hearing from God where he expounded about dreams and how to interpret them. Since then I have been on a journey to uncover secrets, ancient and new, to understand the metaphors that God loves to use when He speaks to us. On this journey, I have interpreted thousands of dreams and taught Biblical principles of dream interpretation around the world.

In future episodes of this podcast we will be looking at dreams from the Bible, and from our listeners, to find secrets to unraveling these divine enigmas. You are going to discover how God uses metaphor in Scripture and how that applies to deciphering your dreams. You will listen in to conversations God has with people today as we work through dreams listeners submit to discover the message God was communicating. You will find keys to recognizing dreams from God and help others grasp what He is saying. Most of all, my prayer is for you to recognize and understand God’s voice better than ever before.

Join me on this adventure as we explore the beautiful, and sometimes bizarre, the world of dreams.