Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions


$89.00 for 1 year

Advanced Workshop in Dreams and Visions Printed Manual

Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions is an instructor-driven intensive workshop experience that delves deep into the metaphorical language and the Biblical model of dream interpretation. By applying these techniques to your owns dreams you will mature in your gift. As your skills and ability to listen to the Holy Spirit improves, you’ll be able to share this gift with others by interpreting their dreams.

Suggested Prerequisites: The Art of Hearing God and Understanding Dreams & Visions

This course uses terms and concepts taken from the Understanding Dreams & Visions Course. Some of these terms and concepts will not be explained in the type of detail found in the UD&V Course. For this reason, it is strongly suggested, although not required, that students take the Understanding Dreams & Visions course before the Advanced Workshop.

In this workshop, John Paul will address the following subjects:

  • What the mysterious Greek work poikilos can tell us about the role color plays in dreams.
  • How to view dreams in light of the “ways of God.”
  • How to improve dream memorization.
  • Find out the difference between interpreting dreams in the Church and interpreting dreams in the secular world.
  • What it means to flip a dream.
  • What are the top 20 most common dreams and how to interpret them.

Syllabus Includes:

  • Dreams, Riddles and Enigmas
  • Understanding God’s Ways Through Color
  • Interpretation and the Ways of God
  • Biblical Interpretation—How?
  • Metaphoric Thinking
  • Introduction to Street Dreams
  • Strength of Revelation
  • Top 20 Dreams and Their Interpretation

The Streams Ministries online courses are available for 12 months from the date of purchase, at which point your subscription will expire. Please plan accordingly.

Course includes a PDF manual for download. The printed manual may be purchased for an additional price.