John E. Thomas Collection



Anointed to Love

There is no "secret" to ministering in more power and authority, but there is a pathway.
Again and again we see in the ministry of Jesus how He moved with compassion. He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed lepers, and multiplied food.
Join John Thomas as he explores the role compassion plays in miracles.
Discover how the activity of Heaven is released and receive an impartation to be filled with God's love for the broken and lost.

Intro to Prophecy

Join John E. Thomas in  Intro to Prophecy as we dive deeper into 1 Corinthians 12–14 to learn more about:

  • Discerning the source of spiritual activity
  • How to grow in expectation for God to move in and through you
  • The place spiritual gifts, especially prophecy, have in a spiritual community
  • Practical ways to keep love at the center of our spiritual experiences without limiting our hunger for more

Includes 5 messages on DVD or MP3

Cultivating an Effective Prayer Life

In this 7.5 hour seminar you will learn these concepts and more as you are inspired to pray and encounter God's heart in a deeper way.
"The result of a well-prayed life is an interior reality that does not resist the presence of God." This phrase rose in John's spirit as he was preparing to teach on prayer and became the foundation for this course. How can we steward our hearts so that our whole life becomes a prayer? How can we intentionally cultivate an atmosphere of the presence of God so that we influence circumstances and situations around us? When we explore the reality of the new creation and the ""one Spirit with God"" that Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 6:17, how would our prayer life change? What can we learn about expanding the kingdom of God through prayer by meditating on the Garden east of Eden, the New Jerusalem, and the ministry of Jesus? What role does Scripture reading, study, and meditation have in shaping our hearts and spirits?


Dream Foundations

The foundation determines the strength of the building. Why and how you approach your dreams and their interpretation determines the trust you can put in them for guidance. Join John E. Thomas as he explores these essential foundations to a solid understanding of your dreams! This  resource includes four messages:

Disc 1
Message 1: Unique Journey
Message 2: Relationship Tools

Disc 2
Message 3: Is That From God?
Message 4: RSVP

Doxological Theology - MP3

Doxology is worship, giving God glory. Theology is study, what you know about God. Knowledge of God is suppose to be experiential and lead us to worship, not arguments. Come listen in as John E. Thomas discusses how Scripture and experiences with God help us to know Him better and lead us to worship Him in awe and wonder.


Introducing Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit continues to be an enigma to many, including Christians. Some find Him difficult to really know and others think of Him as a thing to be had rather than a person to be known. Join John as he discusses what the Bible has to say about this amazing Person, learn of His fun-loving personality, and allow your hunger to know Him personally grow.

The MP3 version of this resource comes with a companion downloadable e-book called Introducing Holy Spirit by John E. Thomas.


Prophetic Reformation

Prophetic ministry is a gift God gave to His church to help her grow into all He intended for her. When prophetic ministry is mature this growth is evident! There is a Prophetic Reformation underway in the church. Join John E. Thomas as he explores key ingredients to this reformation!
This 3 CD set includes:

Disc 1: Maturing Prophetic Communities. What are the hallmarks of a mature expression of prophetic ministry in a spiritual community?

Disc 2: The Prophetic and the Five-Fold Graces. How does prophetic ministry interact with the apostolic, evangelist, teaching, and pastoring?
Disc 3: Reasons God Speaks. Prophecy includes personal ministry, but is much more than only personal ministry. What are some of the other things God accomplishes as He speaks to and through us?

The Tabernacle of Moses

What would happen if someone saw into heaven and was given a divine pattern that revealed how God interacts with mankind, a path to deeper spirituality, and a blueprint for heaven? That is exactly what Moses did! Join John E. Thomas as he delves deep into the Tabernacle of Moses, drawing out mysteries from Scripture, study, and an experience that John Paul Jackson shared.