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Dream Elements: An Alternative Dream Dictionary × 5

by John E. Thomas


An alternative dream dictionary?

What does that mean?
Many dreams are night parables—stories with special meaning. One essential step in understanding these stories is figuring out what the individual elements mean. What does the whale mean? What about the underwater car?
But dream elements don’t always have 
the same meaning every time.
Where most dream dictionaries tell you what to think about the different elements, Dream Elements by John E. Thomas tells you how to think about them. An element can change depending on the context, so learning how to think metaphorically is an important key when you want to know the true meaning of your dreams.
This book is filled with potential meanings of common dream elements, but it also shows you how to think about dream elements in general. So the next time you dream—whether the elements are found in this book or not—you will have a much better chance of determining what your dream means.

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