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Names of God Card

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Learning God’s names changes our thought life, which in turn will change our actions. Our actions become our habits, and our habits become our destiny. Thus, our very destiny is changed by learning His names. By leaning on His wisdom, His power, and His name’s authority we live in a way that other people will want to emulate.

Our anointing becomes greater, because God’s names become greater in our lives. Soon you will find yourself growing to expect God to be true to Himself, to bear witness, as the Bible says, to His name. You will pray with faith and favor, believing that God is still truly God, and that He will answer your prayer. Your love for Him will be vindicated again and again, and His name will shine brightly over your life and circumstances. Where hope and expectancy collide, faith is the spiritual product. Hope in His name, expect Him to act according to His ways, and faith will be birthed in your life. Faith that God will be true to His name is the key to unlocking the whole realm of the miraculous.

If Christians began to truly believe in God’s names, and the acts and glory that come with them, the Church would quickly be revitalized. Healings would occur in massive numbers. Prophetic voices would spring up loudly and boldly. The lost would be saved like snow falling in the winter. God’s names are that powerful.
Our hope and expectancy have to touch at such a level that faith can be generated. That’s when miracles happen, because it creates a mixture irresistible to God and the glory of His name. Meditate on His names. Ponder them. Love them. Absorb them. Incorporate them into your life. Worship God for them. The more you do this, the more momentum you will gain spiritually. God wants to give you the power of His names—as long as your character proves that you will reciprocate by giving Him all the glory for it.

We are all partakers of the divine nature. Let us bear God’s names boldly and purely for the sake of His Kingdom, and the lost He dreams of saving.

The Names of God Study Card is a resource that will build your faith during prayer as it reminds you that the very things you ask Him for are already in His Divine Nature. This is a powerful study and prayer tool that you’ll want to keep close by.

This article is an excerpt from the introduction in I Am: Inheriting the Fullness of God’s Names.