Signature Series MP3 Bundle – Prayer



Cultivating God's Promises Through Prayer - MP3

How badly do you long for change in your life?

In your church?

In your nation?

The choice is up to you.

Rediscover the dependency we have on prayer. Change happens because people pray!
Learn that prayer allows you to understand God's will and intentions.
Learn the protocol of prayer and the importance of repentance.
Make yourself available to God, and He will give you the grace and the supernatural ability to pray as Daniel prayed.

Join John Paul Jackson as he explores one of Daniel's major prayers and the great magnitude it carries for us. In this nation, we have a choice facing us-the opportunity to make a change. God will give the grace we need if we but ask for it.

Declarative Prayer MP3

The Art of Praying the Scriptures MP3

John Paul Jackson teaches his favorite practice for encountering the presence of the Lord. This practice led him to much of the revelations into the Word of God that he would teach in his various messages. It is not a new practice, but an ancient one, that of meditating or contemplating Scripture.

As you listen in you will be given practical steps to deepen your prayer life, encounter revelation, and experience the embrace of God. This 2 CD message is the foundation for the book The Art of Praying the Scriptures that John Paul Jackson and John E. Thomas wrote, also available on this website!

Effective Spiritual Warfare MP3

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Lord's Prayer

Discover the untapped richness and blessing packed away in the prayer Jesus revealed to His disciples when they asked Him how they should pray. This was recorded in 2005 as John Paul taught this to his staff.